Monday, October 27, 2008

Chili Cookoff

This weekend we went to a "Hoedown and Chili Cookoff" because I had volunteered to judge the chili entered in the Chili Cookoff.

After I agreed to serve as a judge, I had to find out how to judge chili. . .

It should come as no surprise that there are numerous sites with chili recipes, but there are also sites that provide basic guidelines for judging chili. The International Chili Society has specific guidelines in its Membership by-laws. (see Article VIII, Section 2)

W. Bruce Cameron tells a very funny tale of his experience as a chili judge. I am very grateful that my first time was nothing like his.

There is a very good explanation of what to consider when judging chili on the Metamora, Indiana site. They are still looking for judges for their November 8, 2008 Chili Cook-off. . . Here's your chance!

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