Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dick and Jane . . .

When they hear the names Dick and Jane, a lot of people think of the books they read as children.

Others may think of the two "Fun with Dick and Jane" films.

I think of a couple I know.

Dick and Jane met when they were in their teens. They had many happy times together, went away to their respective schools and then married . . . other people.

Fifty years later, when both were widowed, Dick called a mutual friend from their youth, got Jane's phone number and called her for a little chat. That led to phone calls and letters and packages and flowers and . . . marriage.

They decided it would be fun to have a "Dick and Jane" theme for their wedding. I knew no ordinary gift would do, so I made them a set of pillowcases using Dick and Jane fabric:

The pillowcases were made of the same fabric, but are not identical.

The fabric was "fussy cut" so "See Dick and Jane." is visible on both pillowcases.

May they live happily ever after. :-)