Thursday, May 8, 2008

Urban Farming

While I love the idea of owning and living on a farm, at this point in my life it isn't possible... at least not in the traditional, idealized way I envision when I think "farm". You know, Old MacDonald and all that E-I, E-I, O-ing stuff.

Since rural land is rapidly disappearing due to urban sprawl, what options are available to wannabe farmers?

It turns out there are multiple options suitable to just about any type of farmer: urban gardens, urban homesteading, and community gardening, just to name a few.

No land? No problem. Try container gardening, mini gardening or hanging baskets. And there's always hydroponic gardening.

If you've always dreamed of having a productive little garden that was all yours, there are numerous non-tradtional options available. Start with a tiny pot of herbs that adds texture, aroma and life to your personal space, and I predict you'll be convinced that "farming" is for everyone!

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