Tuesday, May 13, 2008


In addition to the fire that started several weeks ago, numerous brush fires have sprung up around Central Florida in the past few days.

When our neighbor told us of the brush fire spotted a couple of miles from our house late Sunday afternoon, all I could think of was the classic exercise to help crystalize what's important to you: if your house was on fire, what 10 items would you want to save and take with you?

This is what it looked like on the road that runs parallel to our road on Sunday night:

Malcolm Denemark, Florida Today

This is what the neighborhood looked like on Monday morning:

Michael R. Brown, Florida Today

And, as scary at that looks, it is nothing compared to what the people who live south of us are experiencing.

Michael R. Brown, Florida Today

Over 50 homes have been totally burned or badly damaged. The most sad part about their situation is arson is suspected.

This incident has shown the best and worst sides of people.

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