Sunday, April 4, 2010

In Memory of Bentley

Bentley died in February. I think of him often, especially when I explore our yard. When he was healthy, Bentley would go outside with me and scout out all "points of interest".

I his honor, today I went on a tour of our yard and took photos of the critters Bentley might have discovered.

He loved to hunt lizards. . .

. . and he spent lots of time on the back porch checking out the visitors to our pond.

I found this beautiful black snake . . .

when I walked over to look at this tree because I saw insects flying around it.

Upon closer examination, I discovered it is a honey tree - look at the bees!

And finally, I convinced this butterfly to stop long enough for a photo op.

I thought that was a fitting end to today's exploration since it is Easter Day and the butterfly is a symbol of rebirth and resurrection.

Although it seems far too short, I'm grateful for the time Bentley was in my life and the pleasant memories I have of him.

Goodbye, little buddy. You are missed and fondly remembered.

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