Monday, October 12, 2009

UFOs and USOs

Most quilters have at least one UFO (UnFinished Object) in their lives - a project that for whatever reason has not yet been completed.

While focusing on clearing out the things in my house that no longer belong, I've also found another category: USOs - UnStarted Objects. Everything is there - pattern, fabric, thread . . ., but the project has never progressed beyond its original form.

As I pondered how this happened, I soon realized there are many other USOs in my life -- books unread, recipes untried, goals unmet.


In some cases, I put the projects away and forgot about them because I no longer saw them. Those need to be revisited to see if I'm even interested anymore, or if it's time to send them on their way to a new owner.

In other instances, I started the book, mapped out a strategy or gathered necessary ingredients and reached a point where I felt "stuck". I have found that taking a break can be beneficial when I reach that point. I can rethink why I started and see whether or not I want to invest more time and energy in it. If I do, I can get back on track. If not, it's time to let someone else have a go.

It seems that my projects have a shelf life. Just as I disposed of the apple sauce that made its way to the back of the pantry ("Best used by 2007"!), there are objects in my life that are out of date and no longer belong.

I can continue trying to fit far too much stuff into my life, which will result in frustration and stagnation, or I can make room for my roots to spread so I can grow into the person God intended.

I think it's time to grow.


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