Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thoughts of Spring

Spring is definitely here.

Tomatoes are planted . . .

butterflies are in the yard . . .

and Bentley is adamant that it is time to go outside - NOW!

I hate to deprive him of time outside, but he's been sick lately - so sick that he had to stay at the vet's. He can see the yard from our front window and the screened porch, but it just isn't the same.

Today I picked up a couple of catnip plants and I'll replenish the containers of wheat grass so there'll be a little more green stuff inside. It's not "outside", but it will have to do.

In the midst of Bentley's illness, Luigi got sick, too. Luigi didn't make it. Now he and Muffin and Gordon are gone. It's one of the disadvantages when litters are adopted - everyone is old at the same time.
(Luigi is gray, Muffin is the tabby and Gordon is the "blonde".)

A walking iris was blooming the day we brought Luigi home.

Now I think of him and the other cats who are no longer with us whenever I see one.

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