Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Funeral humor

I don't know exactly how it started, but I have been thinking about funerals and humor lately. For some reason I didn't think to search "funeral humor" until today, and . . . jackpot!

I found Underground Humor which offers: "Gifts and novelties for the funeral director, mortician, embalmer & more!" You can find everything from a guide to shipping costs (How else will Grandma get from Florida back home to Kansas?) to a t-shirt (black, of course) that says "All men are cremated equal". There's even a "Sexy Coffins Calendar" that features handcrafted Italian coffins and scantily clad models.

If you want to laugh, I highly recommend the Chuckles the Clown episode from the Mary Tyler Moore show. It epitomizes the tightrope between laughter and crying at a funeral. I can't watch it without cracking up.


Karin said...

When my daughter was learning to read, she couldn't understand why it was called "fun - eral" so we thought a good slogan for a funeral home would be "we put the fun in funeral." Terribly tacky and tasteless, but sometimes it's better to laugh.

Carolyn said...

Laughter and tears do seem to live side by side, don't they?