Friday, April 18, 2008

Running away to the circus

Yesterday I ran away to the circus...

Cirque du Soleil presents La Nouba at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando -- so we went.

It has been a while since I've had such a good time. Like many people, I've watched videos of Cirque du Soleil performances, but a recording can never capture the true essence of a live performance.

So much is taking place during the show that you would have to attend at least a dozen performances to see everything that's taking place. Even then, each show would be different.

That's the joy of live performance - the shows vary because there is no way to have identical conditions each time. Even when the performers in the show don't change and have consistent performances, the composition of the audience and their reactions will not be the same.

If you can, attend a live performance soon. The opportunities abound in almost every community, even if they are as simple as a kindergarten play or a community band playing in the park.

If you can't find anything, perhaps it's time to schedule a live performance of your own!

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