Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Goodbye, Aunt Margaret

Last weekend was spent in Georgia as I attended my Aunt Margaret's funeral. She had celebrated her 80th birthday in June.

The pastor obeyed the marching orders she gave him and read exactly what she wanted from The Book of Common Prayer (1928, of course!). This would not have been unusual were it not for the fact that her funeral was held in a Baptist Church!

That was Aunt Margaret. She made sure things were done the way she wanted.

As we left the church, we were each given a photo of Aunt Margaret and a single red rose.

The motorcade from the church to Oak Hill Cemetery would have pleased her. Several police cars, sirens blaring, led the way as we passed the courthouse made famous by her book, "Murder in Coweta County", and the movie that it inspired.

When we arrived at the cemetery, red roses in hand, we gathered under the canopy as the pastor read the 23rd Psalm (also from the 1928 Book of Common Prayer). As we left the red roses were placed on her casket as a final, fond farewell.

Goodbye, Aunt Margaret. You will be remembered.

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