Friday, July 13, 2007

Summer fun

Now that the outside temperatures have reached the point of having a comfort factor in the 100's, I'm pretty reluctant to spend daylight hours outside. Instead, I'm finding amusing online sites that will keep me occupied while in the house.

Ever wondered what you would look like after a facelift? Try it out at Modiface. If you're too squeamish to try it on yourself (even in cyberspace), they have photos to play with before you decide if you want to go under the virtual knife.

Thinking about taking a road trip? Try Roadside America and make a list of the unusual places you'd like to visit. You might even find something close to home.

Need something to do on the way to your destination? A visit to Mom's minivan can provide loads of fun to keep the occupants of your chosen mode of transportation entertained.

If a road trip is too mundane for you, perhaps you would like to consider Space. You'll find lots of videos and articles related to science and technology.

No desire to wander? If you're feeling crafty, visit craft. You will be inspired by their projects, podcasts and blog.

How about a good book? Check out the Project Gutenberg. You'll find online versions of books whose copyrights have expired. Works are available in numerous languages.

Good hunting!

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