Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A lesson from the garden

As the weather continues to warm, volunteers are popping up in my flower beds. Seeds from last year's four o'clocks, morning glories, cosmos and hyacinth beans are starting to sprout and flower.

It's fun to see who chooses to return and what form they take. The offspring of purchased seeds often return to their heritage. New (to me) colors and sizes appear as plants arise from the seeds of previous generations.

Of course, there are other plants popping up that have to be removed from the bed. While they may have lovely flowers and beautiful foliage, they do not share space with others. They want to take over every square inch of soil. This will not do.

Isn't that the way life happens? The results of things we've done in the past and have forgotten suddenly pop up and surprise us. Sometimes the experience is pleasant, other times not so.

I'm reminded to be careful what I "plant" in my life and to remember to "weed out" stuff (physical and emotional) that might inhibit the growth of the things I want to nurture in my life.

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